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Great stuff

Did Mario get taller? Or is it just me? o.O
-Pros: Great animation (as usual). The sound effects were great too.
-Cons: I really didn't enjoy the pure brutality of it...I didn't really find it funny. I was expecting at least a little bit of music, not just two good notes.
-Suggestions: Only two notes? I would've hoped he would play something crazy good and then halfway through find the sour key. (If only to balance the joke out)
*As for everything else, it was a good animation. It's hard to think up original stuff nowadays, and I congratulate you on that. I saw Dad in the audience, and if I'm not mistaken, that was music from 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' you played after the piano revealed itself. (Now there was a show that would freak kids out) Kudos to bringing back memories (however frightening)
PS: For anyone who wants the easter egg...click on Sh0T-D0wN's character in the audience.


Lol, nice.
-Pros: Memes never seem to get old do they? Excellent recycling. I'm glad you took a different route with the green dude (stylized after the hulk) instead of something like Ryu or some other overused character. The animation style reminds me of notable animators like HappyHarry or Psycho Goldfish. (goldfish love lol) I also love how the characters adapted to the situation. I.E. Eric suddenly having a cape and spiked out hair reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.
-Cons: I really can't put this animation down. It's original, animated properly, and made me laugh.
-Suggestions: None for you! Keep up the good work!
*I really did enjoy this. This is frontpage material for sure.

Great stuff

I liked this.
-Pros: The animation wasn't too bad. You're introducing something that's pretty rare around here (the Star Wars collection has NOTHING on Mandalorians). As soon as I saw the preloaded start menu, I knew this had to be good.
-Cons: I'm not sure if that rtnario selection was appropriate for the battle scene. It seemed to me like it 'contradicted' the primal intro music. Your flag waving wasn't the most believable I've seen, but you still made a great effort! Your firing pistols weren't very believable either. I don't think lasers make the same popping sound as a pistol, seeing as they're not firing a solid object. The planet somehow changed colors from a barren yellowed wasteland on the surface to a lush green planet as you zoom out.
-Suggestions: Possibly seek out a more suitable music selection for the battle scene. Maybe it's just me, but something like that fast paced drum beat you hear in the SW Bounty Hunter trailer would've been better in my opinion. Work on your pistols please! Mandalorians didn't fire silver boxes with holes in the front. Were you trying to represent the Ripper or something? Find some better sound effects...those pistol shots were painful. Make sure you keep up with your continuity. I didn't like seeing that planet change colors.
*Overall this was a great starting flash. There weren't too many problems. I'm glad someone chose to do something over the forgotten Mandalorians.

Cronicle responds:

Thanks. Yea ill definably try and work on my sounds and music. Ill keep this in mind for my next flash.

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Good start, laggy later

I enjoyed this game.
-Pros: If it's part of a series, that usually means someone likes it, and this game is likable for the most part. The gameplay is very relaxing and casual feeling...even the music has a trance like quality. This is great for sugar coating the repetitive gameplay that comes with large shooters like this. The sheer variety of bells and whistles in this game is astounding...especially for a flash game.
-Cons: My only major complaint about this game is the lag issues that arise later on. It's not just people complaining, it's a real issue. Once the 'healing rays' start showing up, the game seems to decide it's had enough and take a break for a while, freezing the screen while you take hits. I had a category 3 ship at one point until I ran into a field with two healers and the game froze up. I had my basic ship back after about 15 seconds of being frozen. It's things like that that drive players away.
-Suggestions: For the love of GOD remove the rays, or at least look into what's causing the horrendous lag when they show up. I have a great computer, and even in efficiency mode, the rays freeze the game, and come close to locking up my browser as well. This game should be completely flawless at this stage in the series. There's no reason something like that should be keeping it down.
*Since you supposedly update this game daily, I hope to see that issue fixed soon. I like this game and don't want to quit playing out of fear of healing rays.

Good, but needs work

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this come through.
-Pros: Fun leveling up tbs game, with medals to boot.
-Cons: Repetitive game play, battle animations don't change, small variety of options, based on someone else's work, and a few bugs.
-Suggestions: If you want to make a great tbs, you need to have a ton of content. For the file size, you did great on that. Like other people said though, there needs to be some sort of effects other than looks in your weapons and armor. I was half expecting to damage my enemy when he hit me at one point, but was sadly mistaken when I remembered there was no such thing as a thorn aura or counter attack in this game. I'm not asking you to put it in right away, just keep it in mind for Battle 3. As I said, people get bored of repetitive play, and adding in that sort of spice can make the difference between a boring game and something people are going to want to replay. The same rule can apply to the combat animations. They got pretty dry after a while. Mixing up the moves once in a while, or even adding a miss percentage/dodge ability would be great. It would help by snapping the player's attention back to the action before their eyes glaze over. Don't be afraid to make player's frustrated, games can be challenging too. Add some random things like that. Players relish that sort of uncertainty. I felt like I was assured a win every time due to the absence of dodging and the fixed damage. All I had to do was crunch the numbers and compare the health bars to determine if I was going to win. Adding that element of random events where the player actually has to strategize to win instead of barrier, attack eight times, and heal. The lack of combat options was a bit disappointing as well. Only attack, defend (completely useless), rocket, heal, and barrier? Combat is much more than that. I realize this is simply a tankman, but he can do more than that I'm sure...which brings me to my next suggestion: why don't you make your own tbs game? From what I've seen, you have the ability to make something based on your own imagination, instead of something overdone like Tankmen or Madness. It would definitely free up your creative license to add more things into your combat strategy (as mentioned above).
*Overall, it needs some work. It's a great Tankman/Madness based game, but that's all it will be. Make something completely independent, fill it with strategy and glitter, and you'll have a great game.
-On changing front weapon to gun, and back weapon to melee, he does a triple attack, which doesn't look like something that's supposed to happen.
-Upon reaching level 7 skill boost, my SP taken tripled instead of decreased. (lvl 6 took 10, lvl 7 takes 30?)

C01 responds:

I'm not sure about your bugs. First one is not a bug, it is meant to happen, and second one I am not sure about, as I don't see the problem in the code? Thank you for your review, I appreciate the time you put into it.

Great game

This was a great game for the most part.
-Pros: Very simple and performs smoothly. The cut scenes were done well too.
-Cons: Controls can be annoying at times. The medal is non-functional.
-Suggestions: Please fix the medal problem. I beat the game and didn't get anything. The controls are probably negligible as it's an older game. If you wanted to make this game even more challenging, make the sand an instant kill if you touch it. On some of those levels, I just basically rode it up to the door like an elevator.
*Overall this was a fun little time killer.

I-smel responds:

I'm tryina fix the medals.
The controls are not really because of anything; they're just as good as I could make em. Everyone says they're kind of bad, but I don't know how to make em better.

An extra mode where the sand kills you (where the sand is lava) is actually a really good idea and would be really easy to do. I think I'll add that as soon as I work out how that option'd fit on the title screen. So thanks!

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This was a great track man. It was very clean. I was kind of disappointed when it ended though.


I'm curious where you got the idea for this. It sounds suspiciously similar to Children of Bodom's 'Are You Dead Yet?' I'm all for similar music, but this is way too close.

What more can I say?


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