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Mans Best Friend Mans Best Friend

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Alrighty then, I guess I'll be the first to critique this!
-The main issue I see right now is with your left arm. The perspective on this makes it look like the arm is somehow melded with her left breast. I think all you're missing there is a line to show the arm is continuing down past the cheek. I think you may have been trying to give the impression her arm was going in front to hold up the I right?
-There are some other things that could be improved here. Where's your shading? Something I've found out is that shading really brings out the 'realistic' feel in drawings. Her butt right now may be fine at first glance, but if you want to be overly critical, it looks flat. Where's the definition? Using simple lines of shadow connecting where the cheeks curve inward to the inner thigh will give implied definition and make her butt more realistic.
-The same principle may be applied to the inner thighs, arms, tail, vaginal area, her ear, and especially her back. You can represent the longissimus muscle ridge on her back as a long shadowy 'V' instead of an explicit line. Also, showing definition in her muzzle area is always a good idea. I see you tried this with a very subtle line. As you know, her muzzle is not flat all around. You may want to try (depending on where your light source is) shading the top part of the muzzle, leave and light 'U' in the middle part to match the contour of her mouth, and shading the lower part while lightly shading along the small part of the bottom. Implying lines may be one of the hardest things to learn, but once you do it's a snap.
-Of course, you must determine where you want your light source to be before you even begin drawing. Doing so will help you plan your shadows.
-A little more detail in the fur may be in order. Most furry artists leave occasional disruptions in the fur to 'remind' the viewer that there's fur all over the body and not just on the edges of your view. You caught some of this technique on her outer thighs, unless you meant to show a tonal change.
*I hope I haven't been too hard on you! I hope this helps in your detailing as well. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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