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Great stuff

Did Mario get taller? Or is it just me? o.O
-Pros: Great animation (as usual). The sound effects were great too.
-Cons: I really didn't enjoy the pure brutality of it...I didn't really find it funny. I was expecting at least a little bit of music, not just two good notes.
-Suggestions: Only two notes? I would've hoped he would play something crazy good and then halfway through find the sour key. (If only to balance the joke out)
*As for everything else, it was a good animation. It's hard to think up original stuff nowadays, and I congratulate you on that. I saw Dad in the audience, and if I'm not mistaken, that was music from 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' you played after the piano revealed itself. (Now there was a show that would freak kids out) Kudos to bringing back memories (however frightening)
PS: For anyone who wants the easter egg...click on Sh0T-D0wN's character in the audience.


Lol, nice.
-Pros: Memes never seem to get old do they? Excellent recycling. I'm glad you took a different route with the green dude (stylized after the hulk) instead of something like Ryu or some other overused character. The animation style reminds me of notable animators like HappyHarry or Psycho Goldfish. (goldfish love lol) I also love how the characters adapted to the situation. I.E. Eric suddenly having a cape and spiked out hair reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.
-Cons: I really can't put this animation down. It's original, animated properly, and made me laugh.
-Suggestions: None for you! Keep up the good work!
*I really did enjoy this. This is frontpage material for sure.

Great stuff

I liked this.
-Pros: The animation wasn't too bad. You're introducing something that's pretty rare around here (the Star Wars collection has NOTHING on Mandalorians). As soon as I saw the preloaded start menu, I knew this had to be good.
-Cons: I'm not sure if that rtnario selection was appropriate for the battle scene. It seemed to me like it 'contradicted' the primal intro music. Your flag waving wasn't the most believable I've seen, but you still made a great effort! Your firing pistols weren't very believable either. I don't think lasers make the same popping sound as a pistol, seeing as they're not firing a solid object. The planet somehow changed colors from a barren yellowed wasteland on the surface to a lush green planet as you zoom out.
-Suggestions: Possibly seek out a more suitable music selection for the battle scene. Maybe it's just me, but something like that fast paced drum beat you hear in the SW Bounty Hunter trailer would've been better in my opinion. Work on your pistols please! Mandalorians didn't fire silver boxes with holes in the front. Were you trying to represent the Ripper or something? Find some better sound effects...those pistol shots were painful. Make sure you keep up with your continuity. I didn't like seeing that planet change colors.
*Overall this was a great starting flash. There weren't too many problems. I'm glad someone chose to do something over the forgotten Mandalorians.

Cronicle responds:

Thanks. Yea ill definably try and work on my sounds and music. Ill keep this in mind for my next flash.

Great animation

This animation was really good.
-Pros: The animation was fairly fluid. I loved your nighttime and rain effects.
-Cons: There weren't many bad things at all in the animation itself, I'm glad we can have some experienced animators submit to NG (instead of spammers) for once. I can't say I really understood what this was about though.
-Suggestions: Did you produce the music for this? If you didn't, you really need to credit your audio artist. Whether you do it in the flash, or provide a link under the author and file info, it's nice to see credit where credit is due. Also, remember to give us some background info under your author comments. Most people will have no idea who your characters are, so it would be nice know more about them. I don't want to have to go look you up on Deviant Art just to find out about them.
*Thanks for joining NG! Welcome to the club; don't feed the trolls, blam the spammers, and you'll be fine.

xAshleymx responds:

Thanks. I mainly joined newgrounds as a link for people who knows about my DA account. I will be spicing it up hopefully with more info so people won't get confused. Thanks for your review. ^^

Twas okay

It was interesting.
-Pros: You're an excellent animator, I liked the lighting effects you had in the beginning. Your lip syncing was alright too. It was a fairly compact file, considering the quality and length of the animation.
-Cons: Some of the humor was a little too dry for my taste. I didn't really find any of it funny. Your humor may have been intentionally random, but the comedic segments didn't fit together. Having him be slammed into the wall may have been part of plot development (to make him seem more undeserving of his title) but it didn't make sense. The part where he kissed his fathers head didn't fit into the plot at all and essentially ruined whatever respect or coolness this guy was supposed to have. These are contradictions to the fact you portray him as a badass by beating up that guy on the street. What do you want him to be?
-Suggestions: If you really want this guy to be cool, stop making him look like a pussy with sexual frustration. You could go far with this guy...maybe so far as to try and replace Pico! In fact, the icon reminded me of a new age Pico. I was expecting something along the lines of this guy being an unexpected bad boy like Pico was, but I was kind of disappointed.
*You're an excellent animator, and you have a good sound producer, but your ideas are lacking in some areas. Maybe I'm just picky, but some people may thinking the same things.

Jazza responds:

hey man. you present a good point. to be honest though, as dry or unagreeable as the humor may be to you i'm not about to change it as i seem to have hit the mark with the NG audience, and it's my humor! thats something i cant really change. try getting robin williams to do something slower paced, he just wouldnt. anyhow, larry's obviously a little messed up, and his character will develop, but i enjoy catching my audience off guard and will continue to do so with anything i make. thanks for your suggestions though. i appreciate the comments made :)

Liked it

This was very true.
-Pros: It was funny and true at the same time. Kudos on that. The lip syncing was perfect as well.
-Cons: Why did Batman jump around the screen? Nothing really changed here except his position on the screen and his size. The only thing holding me from leaving was the jokes.
-Suggestions: Don't make Batman jump around so much! I think I would have been happier if he would just stay put and straight face the entire thing, with the occasional arm movement to emphasize his points. It would've also been cool if you'd change his appearance in the second scene as the original Batman and the Dark Knight rendition don't look exactly the same. If you could find a voice actor to imitate the gravely voice of Christian Bale, that would be good too. You could also incorporate the faces of Michael Keaton and Adam West (Family guy one if you feel like) to emphasize the differences. These are just suggestions, you do what you feel like.
*I thought this was pretty funny, and it was fairly original too. NG needs more simplistic comedy like this.

Disturbingly good

I liked it for the most part.
-Pros: Disturbed rocks. I'm glad you guys chose to do a tribute to them. This was a cool collab. You guys spent a lot of time on this too, which is always a plus.
-Cons: Now I don't mean to nitpick, but I was a little disappointed with the artwork in this. There was no specific story or lesson taught here, just random fights, chases, and the occasional scene that was actually related to Disturbed. This may confuse some people who aren't used to interpretive works.
-Suggestions: You should possibly consider evening out your artistic talent. When I say that I mean find people who are on the same level in their art and animation skill. Someone who's really good makes the others look bad and confuses the viewer at the same time. I was expecting the same quality throughout the animation, but this is where I was disappointed. I was expecting some sort of dark related trend throughout, and others may be too. I had hoped you guys would use 'The Guy' more as well, but I guess there's only so much you can do with him...
*For the sake of fairness, I went back and watched it again. I was ready to down you guys on the relativity of some of the scenes to Disturbed. The scenes made more sense and related to the song after watching again. For any confused viewers reading this, watch it again, it'll make sense. I don't doubt this will make frontpage status, I'm glad there's still animators out there who are willing to spend a year on their work. Good job.

ShortMonkey responds:

Thank you for the very detailed review and for watching it twice and a good review score! I'll keep your suggestions in mind for future flash projects.

Also, if 'The Guy' is the dude on the preloader screen, his name is Mr Smiley. He's the totally awesome Disturbed mascot.

"Interesting interpretation"

Heh, yeah this is the exact same review I gave you last time, I know, but you didn't change anything, at least for me.
-Pros: It was an excellent rendition of the futility of war. A lot of time was obviously spent on this, whenever you did it.
-Cons: Overall, there were few flaws, mostly concerning authenticity and ideas.
I'm not sure about this, but I thought subs at that time period fired directly from the tube, and were not dropped and self propelled. I didn't think the U.S had subs at that time either, if that's what you were implying. You focused heavily on the Nazi side of things (see suggestions).
-Suggestions: You say you're a history buff, so I won't question the authenticity of the sub scenes too heavily. When I say you focused on the Nazi's too much, I meant you showed too little of the American's, none of the English, hardly any of the Russians, hardly any of the Italians, and very little of the Japanese. Considering your flash is about the futility of war, I would say they should have a much larger part in the matter. It takes more than one to make a war. All sides were just as guilty of slaughter as the Nazis. It might also make people less inclined to think of you as a neo-Nazi if you include the other sides involved. Also, the slideshow at the end showed a picture with the caption 'Iraq.' I thought there was going to be more images of different countries after that one (with the name label at least). I think it would be much more effective to have a name of the country to label where the slaughter took place. It would inform people that war takes place everywhere, not just in history.
*I understood what you're trying to say here. There were more than a few metaphors floating around in this flash. I hope people understand them. It really gets you to thinking though. Democracy: is freedom a facade? Perhaps we're all living under a dictatorship without realizing it...

Good for a laugh

It was okay humor wise, and excellent effect wise.
-Pros: Excellent lighting and shadow effects! It was definitely creepy, and therefore a good tribute to Halloween. It really was funny.
-Cons: Your sound could stand to be a lot louder, I had to crank my speakers up just to hear the voice portions.
-Suggestions: You really could have gone farther with the joke. For instance, after he talks to himself, he could have been like "Oh well"...*looks around*...*squeak, squeak, squeak* You know what I'm saying? Also, I can't tell if he's just too tired to care or is simply okay with the fact this freaky doll appeared out of nowhere laying on him. It was kind of a contradiction to the joke when he seemed glad the doll was there instead of freaked out. It'd be nice if he'd act at least a little surprised and not just stare at it like he's high. I think there needed to be just a little 'more' to the joke.
*After watching this a few times, I realized just how funny that doll's face is! I believe that was the punchline? Leaving us to wonder what he's going to do with the doll just didn't click with me. You shouldn't leave us hanging like that!

Gate-keeper-girl responds:

Well, I could go further with it, but the thing is, I have to show this to a lot of people, and the effect of the joke can't be appretiated when there is sexual content. Its up to the viewer to decide what happens next, I can't be there to fill in everything.

The real question is; is the doll really a doll, because it looks frighteningly similar (in a plastic way) to the vampire girl.

And he just woke up.

The ORIGINAL joke was lost in the lighting. You can barely see the way his eyebrow raises, implying what he's going to do, but now its kind of left in the dust unless you have an extremely bright screen.

Oh well.


I get it

Yeah, I get the reference(s).
-Pros: The animation was fairly smooth. Your characters made sense.
-Cons: The DBZ reference is a little overdone. How many things have you seen involving that infamous scene? The AA on this was a little much, as most of the movie seemed 'blurry.' It did get a little repetitive after a while, and people who don't understand the reference will get bored/annoyed. The link to your site at the end brought me to some 'under construction' page.
-Suggestions: You could have made this a little more authentic. For instance, when powering up, the aura was supposed to be on the surface of the skin, not in a blue cloud hovering around the torso. Also, you should have had Prof. Quackernuts (or whatever the heck his name was) crush his monocle in anger, or at least have it crack. You may also want to look into that link at the end. The one at the beginning seems to work.
*I like how you slipped that pokemon reference in there. I hope some people will get that at least. I don't know how you can't understand this parody unless you haven't been on the internet or an 4chan board in the past ten years. It's funny how they just stand there in awe of how his power level increases instead of taking him out. Long-spanning scenes like that were meant to be 'filler' incidentally. Thanks for helping out NG.

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